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Social Media Design
Canadian Blood Services
Create a social media campaign, with an aim to target first-time donors and a younger audience.

RGD Designathon:
The Designathon is a virtual design challenge where students and designers work in teams on real design projects for non-profits. The Non-Profit Organization was Canadian Blood Services, which started a new program called NextGen Lifeline. It is a fantastic way to engage youth on the significance of blood donations.

Date: October 22 to October 24, 2021
Mentor: Ashlea Spitz, Principal and Creative Director at Pixsoul Media
Team Members: Nhi Dam, Laura Beaudin, and Sheri Welsford

After the brainstorm session, we came up with four main ideas. Each team member selected one idea and started working on it to bring it to life. Four main Ideas were:-
1. Blood Challenge
2. Fast Facts
3. Butterfly Effect
4. Hero Stories.

I worked on the Butterfly Effect idea. How a small action can lead to an impactful result. To bring this concept to life I came up with the journey of a droplet of blood that goes through different processes and how it saves life after completing its journey. @canadaslifeline has a set of beautiful iconography, which has more than 600 icons. In order to maintain their brand style, I used a few icons.

The journey starts when you are at the blood donation center and it goes through testing and screening and after that there are different recipients who can get the blood and that’s how the blood travels from one life to another. I used squiggly lines to show the connectivity and also the journey of the droplet of blood.

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