brand identity
The Factory
A brand new identity for a new confectionery and candy making shop in Vancouver.
As there are so many sweet and confectionery shops in Vancouver, the challenge was to design a new identity and promotional materials so that it can stand out from the other brands and look unique.

To give it a whole new look, a set of characters were designed. They were called “Confactobots”, which was derived from 3 words Confectionery, Factory and Robots. To go with the concept, a factory assembly line was designed. For each package, the design was illustrated as one whole scene where a robot is working on an assembly line and making different products. For brand artwork, thick and thin lines were used that represent the pipes in a factory. Different styles of clocks were illustrated as time is very crucial in the baking process. The Logo was a combination of different elements like the gear, a swirly candy and a handle. 
project images