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Beverage Packaging
Trafalgar Lions
Trafalgar Lions is a set of four non-alcoholic beer cans.

Trafalgar Lions goal was to design an effective packaging that has the potential to introduce a product in a very competitive beverage market. The challenge was to maintain the concept’s authenticity from its history in the neighbourhood and meticulously design the packaging dating back to the early 1800s. The packaging needed to address the need to stay in touch with a new, younger demographic.

The concept for this project was inspired by “Trafalgar Square” in London. The Logo was designed in a mascot style to give a bold and dynamic look. The warm colours of the logo pop out against the contrasting background. This pack of 4 non-alcoholic beers not only represents the 4 lions of Trafalgar Square but also portrays the 4 battles which were won by Admiral Nelson. A ship from each battle is illustrated on the packaging and the background is digitally painted in Photoshop to give it a realistic and dramatic look.

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